Solutions Matter - Are You Looking For A Way To Make Money?
Solutions Matter, LLC./XOOM ENERGY
Steps to enroll - Online Only!
Step 1   - Find the account number on your current utility bill.
Step 3   - Enter the zip code for the property you are enrolling
Step 4   - Enter your zip code again
Step 5   - Select Electricity
Step 6   - Click "Choose" for Steady Lock Flat Rate under featured plans
Step 7   - Next click "Yes" for gas
Step 8   - Click "Choose" under featured plans
Step 9   - Begin enrollment. Enter account information from your bill.
Step 10 - Read All the terms and conditions and then Check all the boxes
Step 11 - Complete Enrollment.
Enter your IBO information. Sharon Jones IBO#03514578. Email:
Remember to claim your $50 restaurant gift card and tell us how you heard about the program. Email us:
For more information please contact: Sharon Jones at (800) 381-1704 ext. 102.  
Promotional Videos by State:

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